Program Coordination

We of Music Management Assembly think of Program Coordination as more than just booking what’s popular or the trend of the times. Your event should be an experience that creates a community. A place where you can be lifted from everyday life. To be surprised, to hear things you have never heard before and to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. It’s a collective celebration of exploration!

The programming of a festival or event should reflect its identity in every single detail, from location to decoration, music, artwork and food. A clearly reflected and recognisable concept attracts the right people and thereby a sense of belonging. We make a conscious effort to get to the core of what you and your visitors look for in a festival experience. We are able to do so for everything from cultural festivals to events or strictly defined concepts.  

Due to our extensive network in the scene and genuine passion for all things festival we are able to make your vision a reality. Contact us (link to contact page) for all your Program Coordination services, describe to us what experience you want to bring with your festival and we will take it from there!