About Us


Our vision:

We believe that festivals and events are THE places where communities of like-minded people can gather to experience and explore together. For that to be possible the concept needs to be well-defined, recognisable and there should be natural flow for all involved.

We see ourselves as the spider in the web, the party that has the overview, understands the interests of all involved stakeholders and ties them together smoothly.  


Our services:

We have a broad range of experience in working on festivals, events and projects from different angles. Our primary expertise consists of:

- Program Coordination (link to description)

- Project Management (link to description)

- Production (link to description)

We are of course open to help you out with other services as well, depending on your needs. Contact us (link to contact page) and we would be happy to explore how we can help each other out.


What we offer:

Due to our genuine passion for festivals and events and our extensive experience in all related fields we have developed qualities that make us stand out from the rest.

  • An extensive and trusted network of partners in the world of festivals, culture and marketing

  • Inside knowledge of all things music, culture and art

  • A taste for the challenging, innovative and experimental

  • A strong work-ethic

  • A bespoke attitude towards the needs of all involved stakeholders



Jens Lendering (founder) in 3 questions

How did you get involved in this business?

Growing up I was always looking for a place to belong. This all changed when I went to my first festival. It was an amazing experience where everything fell into place. The music, the discoveries, the sense of togetherness. From the first moment I knew I wanted to be part of it.

I started volunteering at different festivals, events and concerts like Magneet festival, Gestrand and De Popronde. There I got familiar with every single aspect of festivals and events and I immediately started building a great network. It only made sense to me to start my education in International Music Management in 2010 in Haarlem the Netherlands. Since then I have been working with various partners to help them create the same kind of experience that changed my life.

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What project or cooperation did you find most challenging? What did you do to overcome those challenges?

Actually, one of the projects which was most challenging was managing the Artist Handling Coordination for a one-time hiphop festival. They wanted to organize their festival as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Upon the first pre-production workday in the office, I noticed that they had lunch with meat. I suggested that the festival could be less damaging to the environment if we would stop eating meat before and during production. Could it be done? ‘Yes’ I said. It became a challenge to make sure all artists and traveling parties agreed to not eat meat during the festival. This challenge was overcome by good communication and ongoing dialogue.

What project or cooperation are you proudest of and why?

I’m proud of Festival Gestrand (link to website) for its activation between audience, culture and environment. In the first few years, we were surprised to see such enthusiasm for a small sized festival in Almere. This enthusiasm grew from local visitors to national and even international interest. At some point we were able to activate our audience into cleaning up the festival side. The festival is also well recognized by the municipality for introducing new audiences to culture.

I was also proud of Magneet festival (RIP) (link naar website) for offering a co-created programme based on an idea platform. This platform allowed for an interesting and new creativity to be injected into the festival. It led to new ideas being executed as well as experiences being developed. At its peak, the festival was different from day to day for recurring visitors. This also led to a different experience with each visit.