The Music management assembly is

Jens Lendering

Production manager // music program curator

stagemanager // tourmanager

concept producer // digital marketeer

An open minded, enthusiastic, extravert person who likes to explore new things and who doesn't give up soon. 

Jens helps festival and event organisers and artists by solving all their production related problems. In some sense, he is a leatherman multi-tool which can be used for many occasions.


Schedule of Events, festivals and gigs

tour 2017


Some of the shows and festivals that will feature the support of the music management assembly. 

Gestrand festival - July 15th - director of music program and executive producer

Motel Mozaïque Festival - April 7th and 8th - artist service

Popronde Almere - september 30th - producer and director of music program

EURosonic/noorderslag - Januari 11th till 14th - Artist service

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